Lilli Tru

And in the journey, the beautiful, beautiful journey toward marriage. Toward love. When hearts are alive and blessed with joy. There are moments. That never come again. That are lived with as much grace as one can possibly hold. Simple, peaceful, shared. The getting ready moments. The winsome wander of the moments before.
Lilli Tru. 
From Plum Pretty Sugar. A bridal collection in white.

Introducing our new collection, Lilli Tru. Please click { here } for more.

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Anonymous said...

omg... so pretty! congrats!!

Grace - The College Barbie said...

Gorgeous, I love seeing a chocolate woman in white and vice versa. The contrast is always striking!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Oh my gosh! Everything is absolutely gorgeous...the clothes, the photography, the model...everything.

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