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An announcement today we have been so eager to make. About BHLDN. And our Plum Pretty Sugar brand. We're in store! In the beautiful, beautiful BHLDN stores! Select items from our signature collection are ready and waiting. We're grateful and tremendously excited.

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We hope you'll take a jaunt out and see us in your nearest BHLDN! And with more news to come.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on BHLDN!

Lisa @ Southern Weddings said...

Congratulations! What a match made in heaven!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...


Anonymous said...

Fabulous congratulations. I have to say Charlotte is one of the most astute business women I know. I have followed her career for many years ... and in her prior businesses. She has a knack for creating and developing new business categories. A talented woman and a very beautiful one inside and out. The business deserves every bit of accolade!

Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

What a dream tie-up!

bridechic said...

Congrats! Your stuff is over the moon gorg!


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