Mr. Haslam

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Nicky Haslam has long been a favorite interior designer at this Plum Pretty Sugar brand. Being born in England, Our Founder and Creative Director, Charlotte, has a true affinity for his British elegance and sensibility. His high end designs and furnishings seem to combine a sense of wit and humor against a backdrop of grace and tradition, a blend always has us begging for more.

Mr Haslam is an artist, a blogger and an all-around man of true talent. We couldn't resist bringing forward one of his sun room designs and setting it alongside our Swish Skirt Robe from our Castelbel & Trumpet collection. The color combination, the trellis and the refinement of it all makes us long for lounging wearing our robe!

We hope you'll spend some time adoring Mr. Haslam's work and perhaps dreaming like we do of his rooms spent in Plum Pretty Sugar.

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Anonymous said...

I will!

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