Nina's Birthday

Hello, it’s Nina! It has been a little bit since I checked in but I wanted to share my birthday story.

Going to work on my birthday was something I looked forward to. The Plum Pretty Sugar office is always filled with sweetness, love and positivity. Going to work each day is always a blessing and fresh breath of air. Our little office is ever expanding and my co-workers are just the sweetest. When you enjoy what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.

My sweet Plum Pretty Sugar family surprised me on my birthday with so many goodies! Gorgeous glass water bottles to stay eco-friendly and these oh-so-ever relaxing bubble soaps. The first thing I did when I went home was take a bath using these bath soaps! I then snuggled in bed with my Sweet Love and Yonderflies Pretty PJ Sets, grabbed one of my three new water bottles and read a book…. And played some music!

The perfect ending to such a great day! Thank you to my beautiful Plum Pretty Sugar family!!
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Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet, happy birthday, Nina!!

Lindsey D said...

Happy Birthday! You are blessed to have a job that you enjoy so much. Here's to many more happy years for you.
Whimsical Allure

zozo said...

Happy birthday! Cute blog!

Life's too the shoes said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a good one!

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