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2013 came unexpectedly. With a quietness and calm that seemed to soften any bearing of the Holidays. We were beachside watching seagulls soar through the sky's Winter sun. And then mid-January... with the birth of our son, came a zeal, a sort of enthusiasm, an energy that zipped through our home and this business. As if everything had come to the right place, at the right time. Almost without us knowing it.

It's a year I will never forget. 2013 marked changes. A baby, new offices, kind colleagues. Adjustments, friendships, and gratitude miles and miles long. There is Nina, and Ryan, and Jen. My husband who guides quietly with a patience and an aptitude I can't help but desire. My Mom, who's eye I trust implicitly and who never misses a shoot. There are many, so many, who have supported and trusted this brand. Clients, acquaintances, strangers at dinner, who have knowingly and unknowingly given it a soul. A spirit that allows it to fly. 

I have gratefulness that is immeasurable. Tears that come quickly and stream down my face. For the joy in it. For the wonder of your belief.  

I thank you. Words that hardly seem enough. 

{ Charlotte Hale is Plum Pretty Sugar's Founder, Owner and Creative Director. }


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