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Creative, successful women fill us with great happiness. Julie Gibbs, the publishing director of Lantern, a sub-brand under Penguin Books, is no exception. She created the Lantern imprint, publishing illustrated books including photography, travel, and gardening. It was under Julie's creative direction where some of the most high profile and beautiful books are produced. Her published titles and the integrity and work ethic that goes into it makes her a respected and loved figure in the office and the publishing community.

Julie teaches us that we can bring our passions (or in Julie's case, books) to life. Those we are inspired by and those that are dreamed about.

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And for this Plum Pretty Sugar brand... her involvement with books is ever-more fulfilling. Afterall, we think there is nothing better than lounging in a pretty robe with a beautiful book!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely books!

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