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Hello, it’s Jen! With spring in arms reach, I thought I’d share some of my Spring Favorites. Something about the freshness in the air, the arrival of new blooms and greens, and longer days has my heart fluttering with excitement when imagining the days to come. I’ve selected a couple of my favorites for this much anticipated season:
    - Falling deep into the words of a book in a room filled with woody and pure aroma.
    - Frolicking under the sun in Plum Pretty Sugar for BHLDN’s Imogen Whisked Afloat Romper.
    - Engaging in fun and games with Speak Wedding flash cards.
    - Dreaming in chic flora under Beckoning Creatures Duvet Covers.
    - Remembering to always stop and smell the roses.
    - Admiring beautiful and soft works of art by Willem de Kooning.
    - Prepping for a day out on the town by slipping into luxurious espadrilles flats.

What are you most looking forward to this spring?

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Anonymous said...

Love these favorites, Jen!

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