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It’s one of life’s pleasures to share our passion and our journey. Recently our Founder and Creative Director, Charlotte Hale got together with Meg Briam on her blog where she shared her path to and along this Plum Pretty Sugar brand.

Was there a moment in your life when the lightbulb went off and you just knew what you were going to do?
Gosh… in some way yes and in other ways, no. There was a sort of progression to Plum Pretty Sugar. It existed in my heart a certain way and I wasn’t clear that it was the right way. I sat with it for a long time trying to determine the best way. Involved myself both in the industry and then stepped away to really give myself a gauge and to allow for clear thinking. Then one day it did occur to me — the lightbulb — that ah-ha moment. But it was something I worked for to occur.
What is the Plum Pretty Sugar aesthetic and how did it come to be?
I really tried to create a brand that brings forward a breezy happiness and a feminine lifestyle in a heartful way. And I think that comes from me. My love of beautiful, feminine things and my appreciation for heart and soul.
Once you knew you wanted to launch Plum Pretty Sugar, what steps did you take to make that a reality? 
Oh my heavens! Travel and travel to find exactly how I wanted to create something and how. My Mom and I did so much walking and talking in those days. Following leads and ideas that went nowhere and some that did both in this country and far and wide. It was exhilarating but exhausting at the same time. Once I had what I thought was a collection concept, I went about creating the marketing elements. My background is in business and it was this part that truly fulfilled me. It took a long time to get what I thought was right and a process that lived inside me for a long time.
What lessons have you learned along the way?
There are so very many lessons and I continue to learn them everyday. I think early on one of my biggest learnings was listening. The simple idea of stopping and really thinking through thoughts and feedback that came in from friends and family, colleagues and customers. I learned that in just listening, there was an education and takeaways that were really important.
What has surprised you about owning your own business?
I love owning my business. It is truly my first child and I am so very emotionally connected to it. I think the level of emotional connection I have to it was at first surprising. These days, I’m much more clear about my emotion and my closeness to the brand and I understand it more. I am the first one in tears when something goes wrong and I am the first one in tears if something goes right. The brand IS my heart, and that is really scary sometimes.
What do you wish you would have known going into this?
I think going back to the idea of the brand being my heart and how scary it can be to put it out there.
Do you have any daily routines or habits?
Oh coffee! I have a little Starbucks addiction for nonfat vanilla lattes. I usually have 1-2 most mornings. But in terms of business, I have a little habit of sitting down at my desk and not eating, not getting up and really just going for it, for hours and hours straight. I tend to jam-pack everything into the day before heading home to my baby and husband. Once my son is tucked in and asleep, I begin again on the evening for several hours.
Highlight of your career so far?
That is a tough one! I think every year, I think to myself how lucky and how wonderful each has been. And so there are so many, both big and small. And sometimes it is the process of accomplishing that small thing that I have been putting off or working through an issue that only I know about that is truly rewarding.
Best advice you’ve been given?
Listen to your gut.

(Meg Briam creates inspirational content on her blog to include stories of her personal life, business, travel, and beauty. With her expertise in social media, blogging, and online marketing and branding, she also works regularly as a consultant. As an entrepreneur herself, Meg has an online shop, holds seminars, provides consulting services, and co-founded an online ebook shop.)

Thank you so much for having us, Meg!

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