Mother, Daughter

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There’s a special bond between a mother and daughter. An indescribable and everlasting connection wherein words are often not needed. Sometimes an heirloom or family keepsake is a beautiful and tangible symbol of how truly meaningful this relationship is. We love the idea of a family keepsake gifted from mother to daughters on their wedding day. And when this tradition is passed down from generation to generation it gives us wonderful goosebumps.

Recently, one our kind bridal clients, Claire, purchased one our silk robes with the intention of making the robe the keepsake to be handed down to her own daughter or daughter-in-law. Our heart is so incredibly touched and made so very full by this idea. Claire, thank you, thank you for the tenderness, the true kindness and generosity of your heart.

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Anonymous said...

Such a lovely heirloom!

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