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I can’t remember how 2014 began. I had been struggling with self-doubt. 

I cried when my son turned one in mid-January, elephant tears, bewildered I had made it through. I prayerfully began to look at the months ahead and with a new clarity, began to plan and organize.

By the time Spring approached, Plum Pretty Sugar had humbly launched Plum Pretty Sugar for Anthropologie's BHLDN and PomPon. My son began speaking early and his communication relieved some of my new mom strife. My husband and step-son were supportive and life, while achingly busy, was smooth and for the most part, happy.

In the Summer, Plum Pretty Sugar worked and worked. New styles were introduced and we graciously romped through the busiest Summer to date.

Fall approached and we pushed out new Limited Edition prints and added designs to our collaboration with BHLDN.

But there were disappointments. Plans that didn't come to light and numerous things amiss. Big, small and in-between. Frustrations and disappointments. Lesson upon lesson we had to learn. We strove to do better.

Last night I cried. "Mama, Mama, no crying, no crying," said my yellow-haired son, his pajama-ed arm out-stretched in wonder. I didn't know I was crying. I had been thinking about this year and the faith bestowed on me to go forward. That somehow I had been blessed and had managed, with my husband, to lead our family and the big-hearted family that is this Plum Pretty Sugar brand.

But I am scared. 2015 will bring more changes, more collaborations and an entirely new business category for Plum Pretty Sugar. My son will begin school. I am fearful we'll do it wrong and worried you won't accept it. I am scared, just scared.

And so for your support, I thank you. Sometimes when I think of your kindness, I have to look away, up almost, to wonder about the grace it brings.

I thank you, I truly thank you.

Happy New Year!

(Charlotte Hale is Plum Pretty Sugar's Founder, Owner and Creative Director.)


Anonymous said...

beautiful thoughts.

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