Ombre Robe


Our new Plum Pretty Sugar silk ombre robe is named Petit a Petite en Blush. In French, the name means "little by little," a reference to the exquisite subtle ombre that gradually softens from feminine ivory to tender blush.

When we concepted this beauty we imagined a piece that could be passed down from generation to generation, a bridal heirloom of sorts. Something wonderful, a memory, an honor of a day from one generation to another.

here aren’t too many trends that transcend the lines between hair, beauty, and fashion. But in the last year, we have seen ombre on the hair of every female celebrity, on nails, and now– on our clothing. If you are unfamiliar with the term “ombre”, it just means colour that graduates from light to dark. It has also recently started to evolve in less of a gradual fade, and more of a stark contrast in dip dyed clothing. Either way, this is one trend you might love or absolutely hate, but you can’t deny its prevalence and intrigue. If you do happen to be a lover of ombre and dip dyed fashion, take a look at its progression from the runway, to the streets, to your closet.
One of the first times we saw this trend on the runway for the spring/summer season was for Dries Van Noten.
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Anonymous said...

amazing. love this one.

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