Boho Wedding



We love this wedding. It was blogged originally on Wedding Chicks and features our You Are Loved robes in Gem and Lambkin.

We can't get enough!

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Here's more of what Wedding Chicks had to say too!

"Sex in the city fans, ever wonder what a bohemian Carrie Bradshaw wedding might look like? Well now you can put those theories to rest. Jessica and Logan's ultra chic wedding at Bella Collina took that theme and ran with it. From the unique cascading bouquet the bride carried to the chandeliers hanging absolutely everywhere, we know you are going to LOVE IT!

Oh and keep scrolling to find just how much this devastatingly beautiful day cost as this lovely couple shared their budget breakdown with us. And don't miss a moment of this day, we have tons more photos from Concept Photography."


Dancing Days


We're excited about our Industry Collection. A seriously stunning wedding capsule collection from four leading experts. Four, prints, five styles, for all the wedding occasions.
This is the Dancing Days Dress.


For all occasions surrounding a wedding:

  • Engagement party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Honeymoon Vacation
  • Bridesmaid
  • Wedding Guests
  • Next Day Brunch
  • Getting Ready
  • Boudoir
  • Send Off

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And, much, more more to come here regarding this stunning and ground-breaking wedding collection. 



Marigold Trend

Oh you know, just a little Marigold. Completely on-trend you guys!

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Shop our Marigold print { here }.


Solid Pastels


Our You Are Loved robes in pretty stacks and things. Sweet for gifting... for bridesmaids, for special days, for no occasion at all.

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