Bridesmaid Dresses and Bridesmaid Robe Alternatives

Our Founder and Owner, Charlotte Hale talks about creating the new bridal and bridesmaid collection. (As originally seen on Wedding Chicks.)

What inspired this collection?

CH: It was inspired by a combination of the 60s, mainly a photography book I came across, and an over-arching desire for moody florals as a fitting transition seasonally.

How do the designs reflect that inspiration?

CH: The designs reflect the inspiration through color … or tones. Those in between colors that are neither here nor there but feel organic, textural, fluid and feminine with a little bit of vibe.  And the silhouettes, they have a bit of that flowy 60s thing.

Who are the women you envision when you put together a collection?

CH: The girl I have in mind is classic and feminine... with trend added in. She doesn't like to show too much skin and if she does it's in a subtle, purposeful way. There's always a little bit of trend sensibility and since I’m in California, there's also a casual element as well.

How do you determine the trends?

CH: It's really a mixture of research, my gut feeling and a little bit of street style. More often than not, it is just a feeling. Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong. I’m always learning what works and what doesn’t and the better question… why.

You’re the leader in your bridesmaid robe and bridesmaid getting ready category, does that put pressure on you?

CH: It’s a very cool thing. But sure, as we grow and grow and also enter into new categories such as apparel and deeper into bridal such with bridesmaid dresses, its pressure. The pressure is personal though and it pushes me top create something I’m proud of.

When did you start Plum Pretty Sugar?

CH: Almost nine years ago. Those that have been in the industry know we created the bridesmaid robe and bridesmaid getting ready category… but its interesting lately as many really don’t. And I love that. I love that we can lead and evolve relevantly.

How would you describe you own personal style? And what is your favorite print and style from the collection?

CH: My personal style is simple, feminine, classic. Although I do love a good ruffle.

My favorite print is Camino. Originally Camino had an almost black background. It was cool but a bit too vibe-y for bridesmaid dresses and bridal getting ready pieces. Right now I’m really into the taupe-y, gray, mauve-y tones. Camino has all that and a sense of cut-out in terms of the flower arrangement. Favorite style… I can’t choose honestly. Generally speaking I get tied into certain silhouettes in certain prints… I get very biased that way.


Tell us more about you… and why many don’t personally know you like we do!

CH: I’ve always wanted the brand to stand for itself. It was important to me that it lived on its own … with a personality separate from mine. Let’s face it… I have had two babies in the last four years and well…. But honestly, Plum Pretty Sugar is my first born… its my heart and every bit of my person… and sometimes people can be hurtful… and I’m sensitive. I’m trying to grow a thicker skin… (loooong, and very sad story makes me this way… for another day.)

So… what’s in your bag that will tell us more about you?

CH: Chloe sunglasses, Advil (2 bottles!), Rebecca Minkoff wallet, Charlotte Tilbury mascara, my daughters inside out socks, a fidget spinner (I’m not sure if it is my son’s or daughters…), a Sea Biscuit Tram Tour Ticket from Santa Anita, a green marker and an old business checkbook. I can’t help but laugh at myself…

So what’s next for Plum Pretty Sugar in terms of bridesmaid robes and bridesmaid robe alternatives? Also, whats next for bridesmaid dresses?

CH: Lots. But I’m keeping mum… 😊


And for bridesmaids you guys! 

We know you love mixing and matching your bridal party in on-trend bridesmaids dresses and  bridesmaid robes. This new robe is another way to mix and match your bridal party. A new style for bridesmaid getting ready outfits and wedding robes. Think getting-ready photos the morning-of with a mimosa or champagne.

Shop { here }.


Shop the collection  { here }.

Photography by Elizabeth Messina,


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