Girl Boss

You guys!

With the turn of a year comes a blessing and an opportunity for grace, for gratitude, for change.

I’m Charlotte. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend… and I started Plum Pretty Sugar nearly nine years ago.

It’s said you’re only one decision away from a different life and I love that. I’m coming out from behind the brand. Moving past my fear, my aching sensitivity, the fragility that has kept me head down and hidden, telling myself the brand can and needs to speak for itself.

This is the beginning of that. It’s an honor to meet you.

Me? I was a ballerina well into my teens. I grew up in England and moved to California when I was eight. I don’t have the accent. I run on hard work and live for moments beachside with a lime-rimmed drink, my husband and my sandy-cheeked, sun-kissed kids… they’re four and two. My life hasn’t always been full. I’ve been broken, hurt from my inner-most being. Starting Plum Pretty Sugar was my therapy.

Thank you.

I have gratefulness that is immeasurable. Words that hardly seem enough. For your support, for your belief, for your trust. You have given this brand a soul and a spirit that allows it to fly.

2018 brings my heart full circle and with changes to come. I hope so much you’ll be here. I want to know you more.

With my heart SO full,


P.S. I’m at @charlottejaynehale directly.

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