Farewell and Hello

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! May the year of 2019 be filled with friends and family, the happiest of moments, and new successes for each of you.

Reflecting back on 2018... what a year! 16 brand new prints and nearly as many new silhouettes in both bridesmaid robes, bridesmaid dresses and apparel.  We couldn't have done it without our kind clients and retailers like BHLDNMGM Resorts and more. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to be a part of your lives.

2019 marks a decade of business and sparks new, exciting initiatives that we'll can't wait to share. . Hope tons you'll continue to join us in our journey as we share more of our story.

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Ways to Give Back During the Holidays and Always

The holiday season may almost be over, but there's still time to give back and make a difference in people's lives. We've been doing this for many years and in 2019, we'll be doing it even more (can't wait to share all the details with you!)

1. Find Opportunities to Volunteer

Volunteer opportunities are plentiful, especially during the holiday season. Whether it's volunteering at a hospital like the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, helping out a senior center, or preparing food at a local food bank, there are so many ways to get involved and give back to your communities. You can even make it a bonding experience by getting your friends and family involved to help others in need! Children's Hospital Los Angeles is also close to our Founder, Charlotte's heart. Her daughter spent many weeks there at birth.

2. Take Steps to Protect the Environment

One of the easiest ways to start doing this is by thinking twice before throwing something out. Ask yourself questions like, "Have I used this in the past year?" or "Will I keep this if I were to move?"  If you answered 'no' to any of those questions, then it's probably good idea to recycle, donate, or properly dispose of those items! 

As far as your Christmas tree goes, you may want to consider recycling it through a local program instead of trashing it. Several programs allow you to drop off the tree at their designation locations or they may even pick it up from your home too. And let's not forget about gift wrap... They're totally recyclable, or if you want to get more creative, you can even turn them into reusable gift boxes and bags. 

We'll also be doing a ton more of environmental-friendly things at Plum Pretty Sugar in 2019. Stay tuned.

3. Spread the Holiday Cheer

There are so many ways to put a smile on someone's face during the holidays. From doing favors for the elderly, sharing treats with your friend's family, or sending holiday letters to the people that matter in your life, these are just a few simple ways to make someone feel warm and fuzzy during the holiday season.

4. Support Local Donation Drives

Donation drives are definitely busy during this time of the year. Organizations like Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army accept wrapped and unwrapped gifts that will go to children and families in  need. There are many different kinds of donation drives which means there are many ways to get involved! Think your church or children's schools too!

5. Shop Gifts that Support Charities

Make your gifts whether holiday gifts or bridesmaid gifts, or any kind of gift, count for something. Many organizations partner together to provide a percentage of proceeds to shelters or communities in need. So by consciously buying gifts that give back... You're not only making those that are receiving gifts happy, but you're also helping those in need too! And that's what's so special about it.

Plum Pretty Sugar:

A peep into some new initiatives for Plum Pretty Sugar in 2019 as we partner with new and important charitable organizations to help people in need through proceeds and donating some of our  bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid robes, pj sets and more. Stay tuned for new updates as we begin to share our story.


Seven Top Bridesmaid Robe Questions

The top seven most asked questions about bridesmaid robes and bridal robes. Ready?

1. Who pays for bridesmaid robes?

A: This is a tricky question for some... But, we typically see the bride-to-be as the one to pay for them (this isn't always the case though). Bridesmaid robes or bridal party robes are originally meant to be considered a token of friendship and appreciation for being a special member of the bride's wedding day. A memorable gift and beautiful memento, our bridal party robes are meant to last long after wedding day prep. 

2. How to fold bridesmaid robes?

A: Our wedding robes are folded into thirds with the sleeves and the sash folded into the middle. This allows for a more seamless look when undone. However, we recommend hanging wedding party robes from a beautiful hanger for the wedding day and as part of a wardrobe long after. Hang with beach or pool cover ups to remember the versatile use.

3. What to wear under bridesmaid robes?

A: Our bridesmaid robes can be mixed and matched Ruffled Cami and Shortie Set for a chic look during wedding day prep or layered over a bridesmaid pajama set. Another option is to pair them with a Slip Dress underneath.

Many bridesmaid also opt to wear getting ready robes by themselves with undergarments... it just depends on your preference. There's no right or wrong way to go about it, just do whatever feels and looks best to you and your girls!

4. When to give bridesmaid robes?

A: It varies. Many soon-to-be brides give them as part of a bridesmaid proposal gift set several months before the wedding when they're forming their bridal party. Other appropriate times to give bridal party robes are during the rehearsal dinner, a few days before the ceremony, or sometimes on rarer occasions, during the day of. There are several occasions, so choose the one that best fits your timeline for the wedding.

5. Are bridesmaid robes worth it?

A: We don't mean to be biased, but... We certainly think so! Bridesmaid robes make the perfect bridesmaid proposal gift or thank you gift for your favorite girls. We believe in sharing the love and appreciation you have for your bridesmaids. Giving them their very own robe a a symbol of friendship and memento of your wedding is a very special thing. Our wedding robes are high quality crafted with attention to detail, they're bound to be worn for a very long time even after the wedding. A truly timeless piece that holds so much meaning.

6 . What color for bridesmaid robes?

A: We offer many colors and prints in bridesmaids robes... it really depends on the color scheme for your wedding! From pastel hues to solids or prints, our bridesmaid robes are available in just about any color you'd like. You just need to determine what your wedding colors will be first!

For example, if you're looking for a really pretty blush colored bridesmaid robe, then we recommend the Knee Length Kimono Robe in Persimmon Hears Her Wish. It compliments very well with white bridal robes for a nice contrast. 

If your wedding color is mostly in blue, then we recommend the Knee Length Robe in Mermaid Moon. Featured in a pretty blue hue and exclusive prints, this floral robe looks stunning in person and in pictures.

7. Where to buy bridesmaid robes?

A: Our bridesmaid robes are easily accessible online at www.PlumPrettySugar.com
Shop for our collection of bridesmaid robes here.

Need answers to more questions you might have? Leave us a comment below and we'll be happy to help!


Gathering Love

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The Holidays gather our loved ones close and remind us how blessed and very special our relationships are.

We are grateful for your relationship. You inspire us and keep us moving foward. 

Happiest Holidays to you all.

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Real Moms in Maternity Dresses and Maternity Robes

For all the new mamas out there... Feeling extra excited to be spending your baby's first Christmas together? We have to admit that we're excited for you too!

Holiday memories are so precious... they last a lifetime. And the mamas that choose to share these special holiday moments with us by wearing our maternity dresses or maternity robes... We're  grateful... tons.

One of our happy and glowing new mamas in our Honor Dress in Breeze. Completely divine and peaceful in our maternity dress featuring stunning 3D hand embroidery and delicate petaled sleeves. (This carefree and romantic off the shoulder maternity dress is also a pretty bridesmaid dress and can also be found at BHLDN. ) Truly a unique sundress to be worn time and time again.

Another one of our loving mamas in our Hibiscus Robe in The Bee Side. Delicate florals and feminine fringe makes this hospital robe or nursing robe a wonderful piece to wear during the early moments with your little one and beyond. This pretty delivery robe is crafted from ultra-soft rayon and features dolman sleeves with intricate fringe details for a perfect feminine finish. It's no doubt that Hibiscus fringe robes are chic maternity robes... but, they're also versatile wear as beach or pool cover ups.

Shop our Hibiscus Robes here.

Sending all our love and wishes to all the mamas out there in their journey to motherhood!

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Photo Credit: Tamera Marie Photography 


Top Five Non-White Bridal Robes

Our Top Five Non-White Bridal Robes?

1. Hibiscus Sweetheart Robe. Cutie Pie Drop.
2. Flutter Robe. Oracle.
3. Kimono Style Robe. Stardust and Sun.
4. Sweetheart Robe. Cutie Pie.
5. Hibiscus Robe. Kiss Mix.

For the soon to be brides that have a unique eye, we're feeling bridal robes that aren't always white or lace. A pretty memento and a beautiful heirloom, wedding robes are not only meant to be worn long after the wedding and if its up to us, can be in any hue.

1. Hibiscus Sweetheart Robe. Cutie Pie Drop.

Hand crafted on a fluid and soft rayon and spandex blend, this bridal robe features beautiful dolman sleeves with a stunning fringe and trim detail. This pretty wedding robe comes with a detachable sash that allows you to style your look however you'd like... Fitted or low slung... you do you! Also makes the perfect gift as bridal robes or bridesmaids robes, meant to last long after the wedding.

Shop our Hibiscus Sweetheart Robe in Cutie Pie Drop here.

2. Flutter Robe. Oracle.

Love a little ruffle? Then our Flutter Robe in Oracle may be the perfect bridal robe alternative.  Fun, flirty, and feminine... This floral ruffle robe features a matching sash and a fluttery ruffle edging along both sleeves as well as the bottom edge of the robe. How pretty is that?

Shop our Flutter Robe in Oracle here.


3. Kimono Style Robe. Stardust and Sun

This floral bridal robe may be on the sheer side, but it's still one of the prettiest pieces to wear during wedding day prep. Crafted from 100% Habutai silk, this one-of-a-kind bridal robe is meant to be worn long after the wedding and should be handled with great care. Bedecked in soft pastel florals with an ethereal feel, it can also be layered atop a cami dress or shortie sets.

Shop our Kimono Style Robe in Stardust and Sun.

4. Sweetheart Robe. Cutie Pie.

The Sweetheart robe is another feminine option as non-white bridal robe. Pretty and versatile, it goes from wedding day prep, to a hospital robe or nursing robe for expecting mamas, and also to the beach or pool as a cover up. You guys, there's just so many different occasions to wear this wedding robe. And you can wear it in various styles too, thanks to the detachable sash.

Shop our Sweetheart Robe in Cutie Pie here.

5. Hibiscus Robe. Kiss Mix.

Hand-colored florals and fringe are the stars of this fringe robe. As seen at MGM Resorts, this floral bridesmaid robes or bridal robes are crafted on ultra-soft rayon and features dolman sleeves. The intricate fringe detail on the robe contrasts the entire piece beautifully... completely unusual, but so cool. Perfect as bridesmaid robes or wedding gifts, this fringe robe also looks exquisite as a maternity robe or cover up.

Shop our Hibiscus Robe in Kiss Mix here.

Bridal Business Q + A

Charlotte Hale, our Founder and CEO, recently chatted all things wedding industry and bridal business with our friends at The Wedding Pic.

A quick snapshot of their discussion. Peek here for the complete Q and A.

1. Plum Pretty Sugar in 2018
2. Plum Pretty Sugar in 2019
3. Plum Pretty Sugar growth 
4. Bridesmaid Proposals
5. Starting a wedding business or bridal business

Charlotte talks about 2018 as our ninth year in business and discusses the journey of Plum Pretty Sugar clients' lives from what started with bridesmaids robes or bridal robe to summer dresses or a sundress, to a maternity robe or nursing robe and back to a romper or a floral dress is what makes it all worth it. She also chars about relationships with our retailers like BHLDN, Nordstrom and MGM Resorts.

For 2019, Charlotte 2019 chats regarding our tenth year of business which both begins new initiatives and progresses our genuine story as an independent American brand. 

A discussion about brand growth including the casualization of bridesmaids, the casualization of weddings and the related casual bridesmaid dresses. Charlotte also talks about bridesmaids robes alternatives, bridesmaid pjs, maternity robes and maternity dresses. Charlotte talks about her favorite sihouettes across all Plum Pretty Sugar categories.

Jayne Dress
Jayne is fitted but flattering, covered but uncovered and has a beautiful drape that likens to a ruffle. We created it as a versatile multi-purpose floral dress that can be worn as bridesmaid dresses, but can also stand alone for any wedding event or occasion. 

Ruffle Pajama Set:
These flirty bridesmaid pajamas are one of my favorites as bridesmaid robe alternatives. We’ve been focused on creating beautiful high-quality bridesmaid robes or bridesmaid pjs that serve as memories and pretty mementos from the wedding. We craft and curate them with attention to detail to be kept and worn for many years… that’s meaningful to us and our clients.

Hibiscus and Flutter Bridesmaid Robes:
We created them to be versatile as beach or pool cover-ups and I love both robe options for that multi-purpose thing. The Flutter bridesmaid robe has that feminine ruffle and pretty component that is true to me. Our Hibiscus fringe bridesmaid robes are chic, fresh and have that boho feel. 

Flounce Pants
They’re a multi-tasking sleep to street favorite. Again that flounce, ruffle, feminine element but I love them as an option for getting ready outfits, bridesmaid robes alternatives, or as bridesmaid gifts. I’m favoring them in our Boheme print matched with a white tank and off the shoulder top.

A discussion about bridesmaid proposals and the influence of bridesmaids robes including curation and significance.

Charlotte talks abut starting a business in a niche segment and references bridesmaids robes as a niche opportunity she understood many years ago. She references being authentic and true to oneself.

Read the full article here.


Top Five Off the Shoulder Dresses

Our Top Five Off the Shoulder Dresses?

1. Charlie V2
2. Charlotte
3. Blair
4. Honor
5. Midi Dress

This pretty silhouette is both feminine, flattering and also really versatile. Pretty as  bridesmaid dresses, maternity dresses or  wedding guest dresses... any occasion or event really. Or as everyday summer dresses... they're a silhouette that is here to stay.

1. Charlie V2

Our Charlie V2 floral dresses are feminine and really beautiful. They can be worn as off the shoulder dresses and... since Charlie V2 was designed with multi-functionality in mind, these maxi dresses also convert to a strapless dress thanks to its removable shoulder straps. It really is a 2 in 1 convertible dress.

If you're olanning Charlie V2 as bridesmaid dresses or bridal party dresses, the style can be easily changed by keeping the shoulder straps on or off. For example, you can keep the straps on for the ceremony and off for the reception. This dress is meant to be worn long after the wedding, so you can still wear it for parties, date nights and  more. 

Shop our Charlie V2 dresses here.

2. Charlotte

The Charlotte dress is easily an all-time favorite that never goes out of style. It's a pretty off the shoulder dress that features petaled shoulder straps, easy to wear smocked bodice and a delicate sweetheart neckline. Elegant and versatile, the Charlotte dress isn't just meant to be bridesmaid dresses for the wedding only, it can be worn as an every day sundress, maternity dress for new moms, and as a beach or pool cover up for sunny days. You don't need to find an excuse to wear this dress... It can be worn for any occasion!

Shop our Charlotte dresses here.

3. Blair

The perfect combination of ethereal flow and allure, our Blair dresses definitely deserve a spot on this list. As seen in BHLDN, these pretty dresses showcase soft ruffles, a wrap style bodice with a curled sash at the waist. We can't forget about the extra charm from the skirt of the dress that adds a layered opening for a feminine twist! As bridesmaid dresses or summer dresses, this BHLDN bridesmaid dress is wearable for a black-tie event, wedding or any special occasion.

Shop our Blair dresses here.

4. Honor

Romantic, carefree and enchanting are the best words to describe our Honor dresses. This off the shoulder dress features stunning hand-embroidery, maxi dress styling, easy to wear smocked bodice and delicate petaled sleeves. Perfect as bridesmaid dresses, wedding guest dresses, and maternity dresses available in a variety of muted pastel hues to choose from. It also comes in white, making it a perfectly pretty choice as bridal dresses or a bridal gown. Meant to be cherished for many years, Honor can be mixed and matched to represent your own unique wedding theme.

Shop our Honor dresses here.

5. Midi Dresses

Last but not least, our midi dresses are another excellent option as an off the shoulder dress. A little shorter than maxi dresses, this midi length dress is still just as classy and chic. Featuring a feminine front/side slit for added charm and personality. More than just casual dresses, it also multi-tasks as plus size dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and maternity dresses.

Shop our Midi dresses here.

Which dress is your favorite? We'd love to know!

Leave a comment or share your thoughts on our Instagram.


Two New Cute Robe Sets

We added a few new floral robe and solid robe sets to the site recently.

Floral Robe and Eye Mask Set

floral robe

This two piece set includes our Knee Length Robe in Romantic Soul and matching sleep mask. As seen at BHLDN, this pretty floral robe features hand-inked florals and ultra-soft rayon, making it the perfect piece for winding down. But, as you guys know, our cute robes are also worn as bridesmaid robes, bridal robes, or maternity robes.

eye masks

Now, let's talk about our eye masks. Not only do they look so cute, but they're also made from eco-friendly fabric dyes that are non-irritating to the skin. That's why we love them!

 Bridal Robes

For the mamas and their sweet girls, we have added a new Mommy and Me Robe Set, featuring two matching robes in Sweets. The adult sized robe also looks beautiful as a bridal robe, bridesmaid robes, and maternity robes... You guys, there's just so many occasions you can wear this for.

wedding robes

Perfectly adorable for slumber parties and staying cozy indoors, the girls robe in Sweets is the perfect complement to the adult size. Like the mommy version, this cute robe is also made from our ultra-soft rayon and spandex blend and features dolman sleeves with finespun lace for a cute finish. This darling girls robe multi-tasks as flower girl robes for wedding prep.

Shop this Mommy and Me Robe Set here.

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maternity robes

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