Made in the USA Bridesmaid Dresses


Did you know our PPS Couture bridesmaid dresses are made in the USA? Right here in California... in Los Angeles. (Also, some of our other pieces... but more on those later...)

From Our Founder, Charlotte Hale:

"I felt it was important to create jobs here in the USA... not just inside our office... but externally as well. I value this economy we have created together and I believed it critical and meaningful to do my part to support it. And... Blanca... she's got mad skills. She's in El Monte right outside of Los Angeles and we've been blessed to work with her.

It is also essential and relevant long term for the business. It helps us achieve shorter timelines and allows us to monitor progress and maintain accuracy, quality and retain the necessary expertise to cut and sew couture garments. In addition to our PPS Couture bridesmaid dresses we also also manufacture our Industry Collection including bridesmaid robes, bridal robes and additional bridesmaid dresses...  as well as select You Are Loved pieces in the USA."

Shop PPS Couture bridesmaid dresses online { here }.


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