Q and A with Charlotte Hale

It's that time!

Q and A with our Owner and Founder, Charlotte Hale, regarding the new collection!

This new Plum Pretty Sugar release is a favorite. What inspired it?

CH: You know… there isn’t something specific honestly. It was more of a mood and a certain feeling I was trying to create and get across. I was extremely particular about what it was early on and never wavered directionally.

And you brought in solid colors. That’s new. What inspired that?

CH: It was just a feeling. The juxtaposition came easily and felt natural and unforced. I’m big on just feeling things. I've learned to follow my instinct and intuition.

How do the designs reflect you as a person?

CH: I definitely feel my personal style is feminine and I love a good ruffle. But I also love simplicity. My background is both European (I was born and lived in the UK until I was eight) and Californian, and I feel like this collection encompasses both those components.

What your favorite print and style in this new release?

CH: Hard question… I like Kiss Mix and I like The Bee Side. I tend to favor more with the blushes and peaches as a general rule. But I’m also totally into Cavalier as just this stunning, not to be backed away from, color. The Channing Dress is a total fave but you’ll more than likely catch me in the Lolo Dress and the Flounce Set.

How do you come up with the print names? They are always so spot on.

CH: I’m nerdy. I collect words. If I read one or hear one, I write it down or it stays with me until I can write down. I have pages of them… random words I like. From there, I imagine the collection, the print and I piece together and combine words with the global picture in mind.

When did you started Plum Pretty Sugar nine years ago, did you imagine it as this?

CH: Wow… I guess I did in a way, yes. 

How do you do it all? You’re a Mom to two little ones and a wife too.

CH:  I typically feel like I’m not doing none really well. But I love it all, even on the hard days... that's what keeps me motivated.

Tell us more about you… and why many don’t personally know you like we do!

CH: I'm working on that. I've always been very private and extremely sensitive about the business. These days I'm feeling more confident and strong.

So… what’s in your bag now?

CH: Crumbs… I’m serious! Also, Illume Honeysuckle hand cream (from our retail store), a mini tube of Bag Balm, Chloe Sunglasses and a Rebecca Minkoff wallet. Honestly… its mainly crumbs.

What’s on your bedside table?

CH: A book about business I plan to read but haven’t cracked, hair elastics (mine and my daughters), gold earrings, a Reindeer picture frame with my son in it. He made it at school and very purposely placed on the table it for me. I don’t want to find out what happens if I move it…

So what’s next for Plum Pretty Sugar?

CH: I am keeping mum for sure these days

Follow Charlotte directly at: @charlottejaynehale

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