Entrepreneur and Bridal Brand Pioneer

We know most of you aren't regularly checking our Plum Pretty site... okay maybe you are for 'what's new,' 'whats in stock' and size updates for your bridesmaids... but the 'About Us' section is a little corner we're guessing you don't check frequently. And we're cool with that. So we thought we'd share an update we made over in that little corner of our dot com (or the interweb as we just charmingly heard it referenced.)

It's awesome and it's a bit more about our Founder and CEO, Charlotte Hale. We are going into our 10th year of Plum Pretty Sugar next year... can you guys believe that? (Yep, Charlotte created the bride and bridesmaids robe getting ready category nearly a decade ago!)

(Charlotte (on the right) is wearing this Plum Pretty Sugar midi dress in the photo! Click here! She is pictured with Jeanne from Details Details at the launch party of the Plum Pretty Sugar retail store.)

Here's how it goes:

A girlboss (or really womanboss) leader, Charlotte Hale

Charlotte founded Plum Pretty Sugar in 2009 taking inspiration from a West Coast backdrop of easy living chic. From Southern California (by way of the UK), Charlotte is the kind of girl who takes everything in and can whip out on-point thinking in the form of print, apparel and accessories at a moments notice. She loves a good brainstorm moment and finds distinct pleasure in re-thinking overdrawn, played-out product narratives.

Charlotte is the originator and pioneer of the now global multi-million dollar bridal ‘getting ready’ category and her brand, Plum Pretty Sugar holds steadfast as its leader. Her innovative and against the grain thinking has created a product mix and visual identity well-known for it’s effortless, fresh and feminine lifestyle.

Charlotte holds several advanced degrees in Business, Communication and separately, a degree in Fashion. She is an experienced entrepreneur in both luxury beauty and consumer product industries having both founded and developed several companies and brands prior to Plum Pretty Sugar. In addition, Charlotte has held several positions in Marketing for consumer product companies including Kraft Foods and Balance Bar prior to becoming an entrepreneur. 

She enjoys spending time with her husband and her two children (Richard, age 5 and Delphine, age 2) and is more than likely wearing PJ pants and a white Tee cuddled up on the master bed.

You guys, you can read about Charlotte and her entrepreneur story online right here! And right here!

She's awesome.
The Plum Pretty Sugar girls



Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Okay you guys, we know your bridesmaids are all very different and being a bridesmaid can mean many different things to each. Some of your bridesmaids you might not even know that well (yet)... but they just happen to be the sister of your future husband. As a bride to be, we completely feel your joy... and your pain. Gifting them something special as a bridesmaid gift can be awkward considering all the personalities. And, we know you want to give your bridesmaids something is important and memorable and lasting to them... and useful long after the wedding. We feel you!

Here's what we're thinking:

A bridesmaid robe style that becomes a beach or pool coverup long after the wedding. Not only will your bridesmaids wear it for wedding day prep and wedding day photos but they'll use it at home to get ready in both mornings and evenings... as a robe... and they can take it on vacation, travel with it or use it at the beach or pool over a bikini or swimsuit... as a coverup. Talk about multi-purpose and multi-function! Now that's an awesome bridesmaid gift your tribe will love.

We love our Flutter robes and Hibiscus robes for this purpose.

Shop Hibiscus robes right here and right here (you know the ones we introduced just this year with the cool boho fringe. Yep.. that's us, Plum Pretty Sugar... and they're super cool...)

The other bridesmaid gift we really like are eye masks. They're budget friendly and they can be given alone or layered into a larger bridesmaid gift with a bridesmaid robe or bridesmaid pajamas. They're also super cute for a bachelorette weekend or a girls getaway. We're heading out to a Nash Bash for a bachelorette party and are gifting sleep masks to the bride tribe and the bachelorette, yep to the bride to be herself.

We just introduced a new style and new prints in our eye masks. They're super awesome! And what bridesmaid isn't going to love a sleep mask long after a wedding or bachelorette weekend? Your bridesmaids can wear them at home, on a plane while traveling... and we love that. They are washable too!

Shop eye masks (or sleep masks if you prefer) right here (click this!) and get your bridemaid gift shopping done just like that!

There are certain bridal and bridesmaid traditions that go along with being a bride or a bridesmaid, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live and die by them when doing the bridesmaid gift thing. We say do what you’re comfortable with. If bridesmaid robes aren't your thing but you still like the bridesmaid outfit thing for wedding prep and the morning of... we're totally feeling bridesmaid pajamas. You can still do the champagne moment and spend the time with your bridal squad... just in pjs. There isn't a bridesmaid rule book around here. (Actually kind of the opposite... and you know we started this whole bridesmaid getting ready thing nearly a decade ago!)

We're totally into the long sleeve pj sets with pants bridesmaid pjs for right now but we've being doing the shorts bridal pjs for nearly decade.. and they're totally cute (our Founder, Charlotte Hale... she just knows this stuff!). Our new long sleeve bridesmaid pajama sets are totally cool for wearing just the pants after the wedding and bridesmaid scenario and for doing the "dayjama" thing long after morning wedding prep. Can you say more usefulness for your bridesmaids? Haven't heard of dayjamas... search Pinterest. It is awesome!


You guys, there a ton of cool things to do for bridesmaid gifts, for wedding day prep and the getting ready photos the day of the wedding. It doesn't have to be generic and overly cutesy. We feel you. Your bridesmaids aren't always that nor are they the same. 

We're totally feeling the over sized Boyfriend Shirt style. We've been doing this and feeling it for a few years now. It's also a multipurpose, multi-functional and a modern and effortless way to create some excitement for your bridesmaids... they can wear them again as a beach or pool coverup or just out and about. It takes a little personalization and a little styling but if your bridesmaids are all that... the Boyfriend Shirt is good one. 

Shop Boyfriend Shirts for getting ready right here (click this!)

So you guys... there are some new and cool things to do for your bridesmaids and for bridesmaid gifts... for celebrating them uniquely and according to their individual personalities. You can create looks that are boho, classic, simple... whatever... or mix them up. Do something fun and do something interesting and way cool that celebrates your bride crew while they celebrate you... bride to be!

We got ya!

The Plum Pretty Sugar girls.


Bridesmaid Robes and Pajamas in Tigerlila!


Tigferlila is feminine new print we're completely falling for. Can you say garden wedding with matching robes for bridesmaids? Right? Or as a bridal robe... we also do it as plus size bridal robe! Totally a unique look.

But really, in which way you look at this floral print whether for bridesmaid pajamas, bridal pajama sets, bridesmaid robes or just the cutest pj sets you've ever laid eyes on. Our fave is this print in the pajama short sets.

Soak up this print you guys... you dont have google "Where to find cute bridesmaid robes and bridesmaid pajamas any longer! The prettiest blooms on robes, bridesmaid robes, cute pj sets and bridesmaids pajamas... you know loungewear.


Prints and Swatch Guide 2018

Modern brides and their bridesmaids have fallen in love with our Plum Pretty Sugar brand. We're known for our effortless, feminine and multi-purpose floral, hand-drawn bridal and bridesmaid robes as well as our floral every day, maternity and bridesmaid dresses. 

Our pieces are perfect for both everyday and special events. From the bridal shower, bachelorette get-away party, getting-ready session on the wedding day, honeymoon, to maternity wear and mama life, our pieces are there to witness every important stage of a woman's life, offering unique styles for any special occasion and the freedom to mix-and-match to create refreshing new looks. 

This is our Swatch Guide.

Shop { here }.

Robes and Loungewear


Hand drawn prints and effortless feminine style, discover our new Lounge collection featuring robe, pajamas, rompers and all the pretty things!

Lightweight, superb quality pieces that transform from special events to everyday. For bridesmaids, for brides, for everyone.

This is Boheme... its one of five gorgeous new prints and two solids. Which silhouette do you like best? We're partial to the flutter robe and the Flounce pants.

Click { here}.


New Romantic Print for Bridesmaid Robes and Bridal Party Pajamas!



Hand drawn prints and effortless feminine style, discover our new Lounge collection.

Lightweight, superb quality pieces that transform from special events to everyday. For bridesmaids, for brides, for everyone.

This print is Romantic Soul... its one of five gorgeous new prints and two solids. Which silhouette do you like best? We're partial to the flutter robe and the Flounce pants.

Click { here }.


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