Entrepreneur and Bridal Brand Pioneer

We know most of you aren't regularly checking our Plum Pretty site... okay maybe you are for 'what's new,' 'whats in stock' and size updates for your bridesmaids... but the 'About Us' section is a little corner we're guessing you don't check frequently. And we're cool with that. So we thought we'd share an update we made over in that little corner of our dot com (or the interweb as we just charmingly heard it referenced.)

It's awesome and it's a bit more about our Founder and CEO, Charlotte Hale. We are going into our 10th year of Plum Pretty Sugar next year... can you guys believe that? (Yep, Charlotte created the bride and bridesmaids robe getting ready category nearly a decade ago!)

(Charlotte (on the right) is wearing this Plum Pretty Sugar midi dress in the photo! Click here! She is pictured with Jeanne from Details Details at the launch party of the Plum Pretty Sugar retail store.)

Here's how it goes:

A girlboss (or really womanboss) leader, Charlotte Hale

Charlotte founded Plum Pretty Sugar in 2009 taking inspiration from a West Coast backdrop of easy living chic. From Southern California (by way of the UK), Charlotte is the kind of girl who takes everything in and can whip out on-point thinking in the form of print, apparel and accessories at a moments notice. She loves a good brainstorm moment and finds distinct pleasure in re-thinking overdrawn, played-out product narratives.

Charlotte is the originator and pioneer of the now global multi-million dollar bridal ‘getting ready’ category and her brand, Plum Pretty Sugar holds steadfast as its leader. Her innovative and against the grain thinking has created a product mix and visual identity well-known for it’s effortless, fresh and feminine lifestyle.

Charlotte holds several advanced degrees in Business, Communication and separately, a degree in Fashion. She is an experienced entrepreneur in both luxury beauty and consumer product industries having both founded and developed several companies and brands prior to Plum Pretty Sugar. In addition, Charlotte has held several positions in Marketing for consumer product companies including Kraft Foods and Balance Bar prior to becoming an entrepreneur. 

She enjoys spending time with her husband and her two children (Richard, age 5 and Delphine, age 2) and is more than likely wearing PJ pants and a white Tee cuddled up on the master bed.

You guys, you can read about Charlotte and her entrepreneur story online right here! And right here!

She's awesome.
The Plum Pretty Sugar girls




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