2 In 1 Bridesmaids Dresses

Talking convertible you guys. Nope not cute cars from the 90s… bridesmaid dresses. Our Charlie V2 bridesmaid dress specifically.

While most of our dresses were created to be multi-function and multi-purpose... you know from bridesmaid dresses to dresses you'd wear everyday... the Charlie dress is a style that truly converts, or changes. Yep, the shoulder straps can be completely removed for a strapless look.

Its an easy way to mix and match your bridesmaids in one matching bridesmaid dress style... just alternate who wears the shoulder straps on or or off. Or style your bridesmaid dresses with the straps on for the ceremony and completely off for the reception. 

The other cool thing is that long after the wedding, your girls can wear their bridesmaid dress as an everyday dress. Removing the straps makes it that much more casual and with a change of accessories can go to a bridal brunch, a shower, a party, a date, wherever. 
And, the Charlie dress works as a maternity bridesmaid dress as the bodice can be worn above the bump. 

Who's doesn't like that 2 in1 thing? Or wait... is is 4 in 1?

Wedding Party PJs

We love chatting online with you girls (woo-hoo for online chat making bridesmaid dress, bridesmaid robe and bridesmaid pajamas ... okay everything... everything easy!). 

bridesmaid pjs

In the last few years, one of your top questions is how to mix and match your bridesmaid pajamas sets. Honestly, there aren't really any rules and it's a total personal preference. Some of you like to mix and match bridesmaid pajamas within a given collection, some of you like to do it according to your wedding color palette. It all totally works.

bridal pjs

We pulled together a few of our favorite tips for mixing and matching bridesmaid pjs:

1. Mix and match within the collection. We've already done this for you! The bridesmaid pajama sets here... are the mix and match bridesmaid pjs by collection. 

2. Mix and match bridal party pjs within a color palette that works with your wedding. We like using tones versus color opposites. If your wedding palette is peach for example... work with those tones... blush, coral, champagne etc. Don't go for blue. 

3. If you are looking for a contrasting palette for your bridal party... that works too! Just keep in mind the room you'll be photographed in so your photos appear uniform and organized. (Be careful with wallpaper! Coordinate your bridesmaid pjs carefully in your getting ready room has wallpaper.)

4. Mix and match bridal pjs styles! Pock a print and then mix in shortie sets, ruffle sets and cami sets. Everyone is a bridesmaid pj set but personalized to their own individual taste and personality.

5. Last but not least... pay attention to cut, quality and proportion. Not all bridesmaid pjs are created equal. Ours are the original and we started doing this nearly a decade ago. They're well and truly THE best.

bridesmaid pajamas

Shop bridal party sets right here! So many choices. All hugely pretty and beautiful. Your bridesmaids will wear their bridesmaids pjs long after your wedding. And that's awesome!

floral bridesmaid pajamas
 pajama sets
 bridesmaid pj set
 bridal party pajamas
 bridal party pjs

Interested in seeing even more styles of our pj sets? Click here to see our newest collection by Wedding Chicks.

Flutter Robes for Bridesmaids

We’ve been loving our Flutter bridesmaids robes for a while now. They are one of those styles in bridal robes and in apparel too… that has that feminine, effortless feel that is so must-have right now. And totally one hundred percent multi-purpose too. This year we added several new pretty floral prints in this bridesmaids robes style as well as made few revisions to the robe silhouette.

We updated the bridesmaids robes silhouette with what we call a curly sash... its the prettiest littlest detail that makes the bridal robe that much more special. You guys, honestly, we're mad in love with the curly sash on our floral robes. Its almost like an additional floral detail (side note our Blair bridesmaid dresses also have a very similar sash!)

Courtney's bridetribe wore our flutter robes as their bridesmaid robes and the result is a feminine soft look. It works perfect for the South and, okay, anywhere. Captured by Josie Photography, this bridal squad chose our Tang Bang print.

We have a couple favorite prints in flutter robes right now. Loving the mix and match flutter bridesmaid robes idea too you guys.

Shop flutter bridesmaid robes right here. (Seriously, we have tons of prints!)

We're also loving this particular floral robe style for a multi purpose coverup for the beach or pool.

Let us know what you think you guys.


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