Almost Mommyhood and that Maternity Robe

This is Jenna Kutcher. Her story, her kindness and her extraordinary realism have inspired us for years. We grew up together in the wedding business. Jenna was a wedding photographer and we know she took plenty of gorgeous bridal photos of our bridal robes and bridesmaid robes. (Not to mention the bridesmaid dresses and bridal party pajamas.)

She’s a beauty inside and out and totally smart. Her GoalDigger Podcast is in the Top 5 on iTunes and is a must-listen.

These days Jenna is a mama to be (yep pregnant!) and still keeping it real. Her journey to mommyhood hasn’t been easy… she’s struggled with infertility and body image and has become an awesome inspiration for others around the world. And we love that. Tons.

We’re honored to see her 32 week bump in our Hibiscus robe. Click here to shop!

A few little notes about maternity robes you guys! Super fun and easy! 

We recommend when you are purchasing your maternity robe, just size up from your normal size. All of our robes work for pregnancy and pregnant bellies in this way. 

(Also, so do some of our dresses! Check out Charlotte and Honor dresses! They are so pretty as maternity dresses. )



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