Favorite Bridal Robes

We’re talking about bridal robes today. There’s a debate amongst us over here at our office if a traditional look or a more boho look is the best way to go when it comes to wedding getting ready. Clearly it’s about your individual style and your wedding theme. 

 Those of us who are feeling the boho bridesmaid robe look have a few favorite styles. Its mainly about keeping the body or base of the bridal robe a more muted or solid color and then adding a fringe or a bit of an unusual or surprising detail. Here are the top boho bridal robes looks picked from our office. Which bridal prep look is your fave?


And then there are the classicists amongst us. Those that like their bridal robes traditional, elegant and timeless. There is beauty in that beautiful wedding look. Seriously, a bride that never goes out of style is one for the ages. Here are our top favorite traditional bridal robes. Tell us which one you’d select for your wedding?

One last little wedding tip you guys… we’re really thinking all our robes are multi-purpose and can be worn as beach or pool coverups long after the wedding. While we like our Plum Pretty Sugar boho bridal robes look a tad more for this, both robe styles can be used for the same and similar purpose.

Happy wedding shopping babes.

The Plum Pretty Sugar team.



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