#1 Bridesmaid Gifts They Won't Hate

So... let's get one thing one thing straight. Girls love pretty things... especially if they're wearable and comfortable. Enter Plum Pretty Sugar bridal party pajamas

We've been doing this bridal party pajama thing for a while now and we're confident giving them as a bridesmaid gift goes a long way. They're so pretty for bridesmaid photos but more than anything, they will be worn again and again.

You guys, when we started this ten years ago, we committed to doing it right and beautifully. (Our name is Plum "Pretty" Sugar after all.) It means creating bridesmaid pajamas that are high quality both in terms of fabric and construction. It is important and it means your bridesmaids will wear them long after the wedding day. They wont' rip, they won't shrink (just follow the instructions you guys!) and they'll be a beautiful wardrobe staple for many years to come.  Just ask many of our clients.

We've also got so many bridesmaid pajamas styles you guys... from classic sets in both long and short pants, ruffle sets all the way to the unique. We've also got well over 30 prints so you can mix and match and create a bridesmaid pj set look that is all your own. We also offer plus size bridesmaid pajama sets.

Our Tigerlila Set was also just featured in People Espanol

You guys, we're totally into bridesmaid pj sets as a bridesmaid robe alternative. Don't forget the bridesmaid shorts can also multi-tasks as beach or pool cover up. How can your bridesmaids hat that?

Shop all bridesmaid pj sets here.

Happy bridesmaid pajamas gifting.



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