Top Five Non-White Bridal Robes

Our Top Five Non-White Bridal Robes?

1. Hibiscus Sweetheart Robe. Cutie Pie Drop.
2. Flutter Robe. Oracle.
3. Kimono Style Robe. Stardust and Sun.
4. Sweetheart Robe. Cutie Pie.
5. Hibiscus Robe. Kiss Mix.

For the soon to be brides that have a unique eye, we're feeling bridal robes that aren't always white or lace. A pretty memento and a beautiful heirloom, wedding robes are not only meant to be worn long after the wedding and if its up to us, can be in any hue.

1. Hibiscus Sweetheart Robe. Cutie Pie Drop.

Hand crafted on a fluid and soft rayon and spandex blend, this bridal robe features beautiful dolman sleeves with a stunning fringe and trim detail. This pretty wedding robe comes with a detachable sash that allows you to style your look however you'd like... Fitted or low slung... you do you! Also makes the perfect gift as bridal robes or bridesmaids robes, meant to last long after the wedding.

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2. Flutter Robe. Oracle.

Love a little ruffle? Then our Flutter Robe in Oracle may be the perfect bridal robe alternative.  Fun, flirty, and feminine... This floral ruffle robe features a matching sash and a fluttery ruffle edging along both sleeves as well as the bottom edge of the robe. How pretty is that?

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3. Kimono Style Robe. Stardust and Sun

This floral bridal robe may be on the sheer side, but it's still one of the prettiest pieces to wear during wedding day prep. Crafted from 100% Habutai silk, this one-of-a-kind bridal robe is meant to be worn long after the wedding and should be handled with great care. Bedecked in soft pastel florals with an ethereal feel, it can also be layered atop a cami dress or shortie sets.

Shop our Kimono Style Robe in Stardust and Sun.

4. Sweetheart Robe. Cutie Pie.

The Sweetheart robe is another feminine option as non-white bridal robe. Pretty and versatile, it goes from wedding day prep, to a hospital robe or nursing robe for expecting mamas, and also to the beach or pool as a cover up. You guys, there's just so many different occasions to wear this wedding robe. And you can wear it in various styles too, thanks to the detachable sash.

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5. Hibiscus Robe. Kiss Mix.

Hand-colored florals and fringe are the stars of this fringe robe. As seen at MGM Resorts, this floral bridesmaid robes or bridal robes are crafted on ultra-soft rayon and features dolman sleeves. The intricate fringe detail on the robe contrasts the entire piece beautifully... completely unusual, but so cool. Perfect as bridesmaid robes or wedding gifts, this fringe robe also looks exquisite as a maternity robe or cover up.

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