10 Years and Our First Ever Blog Post Then

10 years of Plum Pretty Sugar means tons and tons of stories... milestones and some just big failures we cried and learned from. We'll be sharing them here mixed in with posts about bridesmaid dresses and bridesmaid robes, our new sustainable journey and activism with domestic violence and everything in between. 

Here's the first: 

We're talking our very first blog post... 10 years ago! It was written by our Founder, Charlotte Hale, and focuses on India and the abuse she saw there when she originally began sourcing fabric for bridesmaids robes and bridesmaid pajamas and the brand in general. It's remarkable that 10 years later we are full circle and focused squarely on womens abuse in 2019. The blog post focuses on womens empowerment and hot pink saris that women wore to show their fight and their will to stop abuse.

It's a beautiful post, the format very different, but the sentiment 100% Charlotte and the voice of this brand.

While we no longer source fabric in India, except for a few bridal robes, bridesmaids robes and bridesmaid dresses in our Flash Sale, India and the people we met there and worked with over the years, have an important role in helping us grow the brand. Kind, resourceful and understanding of our seemingly minute by minute changes, we have enormous gratitude for them. 

You guys know the business is very different today. We're focused on quality, on versatility, on creating beautiful curated garments that last long after a wedding or special event. Whether its a bridesmaid dresses or bridesmaid robes or a bridal robe or a maternity robe or a maternity dress.. we're focused and were excited.



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