2019 Trends: Bridesmaid Dresses, Bridesmaid Robes and More

Our Founder and CEO, Charlotte Hale, shares her list of up and coming 2019 wedding industry trends. From multi-tasking bridesmaid dresses to new sustainability practices, read on to find out what we're expecting to see in 2019.

Trend #1: Small Details After the Wedding

Keepsake items, like eye masks or cosmetic bags, are a fond memory of a beautiful wedding meant to be used long after. Several of our newlywed clients had our sleep masks delivered to their wedding guests' rooms after the wedding as a personal thank you and/or 'sleep well' note. It's small details and thoughtful gifts like this we anticipate seeing more of in 2019.

Trend #2: Goodbye to Rigid and Single Color Palettes

We predict less constraint on a single color palette for bridesmaid and wedding colors. When it comes to weddings in 2019, there wont be a specific colors or only solid colored bridesmaid dresses! Instead, we're antiicpating brides opting for a complimentary color palette that includes thoughtful hues, patterns and tones for their bridesmaid dresses and bridesmaid robes.

Trend #3: Simple Ruffles

A little ruffle can go a long way. Think of Mandy Moore's Rodarte dress she wore recently for her wedding. Femininity meets minimalism, we're anticipating more bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, even getting ready bridesmaid robes and bridesmaid pjs in simple, easy ruffles. 

Trend #4: Asymmetrical

Another feminine look for 2019... the asymmetrical neckline. It flatters many and is modern and trend-forward without being over the top. Like our Lottie Dresses, created in a beautifully flattering silhouette and a bodice that shows off the waist and shoulder in the most perfect way. It's a stunning combination of femininity and trend.

Trend #5: Small Bespoke and Customization Details

Rather than a monogram or "bride" words on a bridesmaid robe or bridesmaid shirt, we're anticipating more brides opting for smaller bespoke and customization details. Still just as special and custom, like an emoji embroidery for a irresistibly clever touch. For example, you can choose to place it on a bridesmaid dress lining or on the front of a bridesmaid shirt pocket where it won't be missed and/or as a surprise. We recommend picking an emoji that best expresses your friendship or wedding theme.

Trend #6: Versatility

Being able to wear a piece of clothing in multiple ways is going to be a huge thing this year. That's what we mean by versatility. We're talking about bridesmaid robes that can multi-task as beach or pool cover ups. Or bridesmaid dresses that can also be worn as maternity dresses or a casual sundress. Creating different ways to wear your favorite pieces, results in less clothing in landfills which makes it environmentally friendly too. The real trick is to make sure you're investing in quality pieces that will last long after the wedding.

Trend #7: Casualization of Bridesmaid Dresses

Less formal and more wearability after the wedding. The casualization of bridesmaid dresses is here and it matters. Bridesmaid dresses that can go from weddings to casual outings or events brings true value to bridesmaid dresses. Gone are the days where bridesmaid dresses can only be worn once - it's the year to invest in something beautiful that will last for many years, occasions, and even just for every day wear.

Trend #8: Sustainability + Give Back

Wedding outfits and outerwear don't just look good, but also do good too. For example, buying bridesmaid pjs where a part of proceeds will be donated to womens shelters. We anticpaite clients and brides making their purchases count for more than just buying an item... caring truly about how they can help others at the same time.

And in case you didn't know, we're focused and committed to domsetic violence and helping women in need. We've partnered with anti-domestic violence and environmental sustainability organizations to share proceeds, offer product donations and provide resources to those in need in the near future. 

Also, Plum Pretty Sugar is embarking on a journey to positively impact the environment and the lives of those affected by relationship abuse - and we hope you'll join us.

Trend #9: Options for Getting Ready Pieces

Bridesmaid pajamas, bridesmaid sleep shirts and bridesmaid rompers as getting ready outfits? Yes, that's actually a thing. More brides and their tribes are picking these comfy pieces instead of the traditional floral bridesmaid robe. That's not to say that bridal party robes are any less significant, they're still considered to be a gold standard for so many.

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